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Our goal is that the materials we use and their procurement have the least possible negative impact on the environment. By working closely with our suppliers and partners, we try to ensure that the materials we use are produced by methods that are sustainable for people and the environment. We prefer to work with regional or national suppliers and always rely on good partnership. This all helps us preserve natural resources for future generations and to maintain our business in a sustainable manner.

We urge our direct suppliers to integrate sustainability into their processes. We expect our suppliers to review and optimize our standards of social working conditions and environmental protection at their plants and at the plants of their suppliers. In doing so, we are in regular dialogue with our suppliers concerning the origin and processing of the resources used.

Wesemann relies in its exemplary role to influence the working conditions of its suppliers in a sustainable way. With our management systems, we set an example and endeavour to convince our suppliers of the benefits.

We rely on sustainable wood material – because we are FSC® and PEFC certified

As a manufacturing company, we are aware of our responsibility for people, the environment and the climate. As we mainly use wood in our product systems, we want to ensure that these materials also come from sustainable forestry.

In order to communicate this responsibility transparently, we have decided to certify our products according to the internationally accepted FSC® and PEFC certification systems, which ensure that our suppliers obtain their timber for our products from regional or European forests and from sustainable forestry wherever possible. The “Chain of Custody” verifies a complete documentation of our products from the forest to the end customer.

The FSC® is an international certification system for sustainable forest management. The FSC® certified wood comes from forests that are managed responsibly, i.e. according to strict ecological and social principles, the aim of which is to make a contribution to the long-term preservation of forest areas.

Here you can download our FSC® certificate.

The PEFC is a “worldwide forest inspection association, such as the MOT” for the verification of sustainable forest management on the basis of national standards. The forest certification according to the PEFC standards is based on the very strict guidelines for the sustainable management of forests. This management is controlled by competent, independent organisations and appraisers.   

Around two-thirds of the forests in Germany are PEFC certified. This makes PEFC the largest independent institution in Germany for securing sustainable forest management – and at the same time the most important forest conservation organisation.  

Here you can download our PEFC certificate.

Green is not only our logo.

We use energy from renewable energy sources. Our energy is generated 100% from renewable energy sources and fed into the supply network.

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