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We care Safety Policy

We place occupational safety and health protection in the forefront of our corporate goals and incorporate them into our corporate policy, committing ourselves to comply with all applicable legal requirements. Through our management system, we ensure that our ASi policy is implemented effectively and obligingly. In this way, we protect our employees against health impairments through comprehensive, preventive measures.  

Continuous improvement
It is a permanent management task to develop and promote the necessary sense of responsibility and occupational safety, thus health at all levels. We regularly assess the state of occupational health and safety and the necessary technical and organizational procedures in our company in order to identify weaknesses, initiate the necessary measures and document the progress achieved.

Environmental and safety-conscious actions are the tasks of every employee. Through their active involvement in our continuous improvement process, the safe and ergonomic design of our workplaces can be increased. We ask all employees to report hazards and incidents and to actively participate in the design of our management system.

We design, purchase, operate and maintain processes, products, machinery and equipment to eliminate potential risks for employees, minimize risks and avoid disruption of operations.

We are convinced that all occupational accidents and diseases can be avoided. Every activity, no matter how important or urgent, can and should be carried out safely. Motivated employees and supervisors support the way to zero accidents at work.

We will reduce health hazards to such a minimum as it can be achieved with the economically justifiable application of the best available technologies. Even when designing our products and procedures, it is ensured that adverse effects on the health of employees are largely avoided.

We encourage our contract partners to act according to equivalent safety and health guidelines, as we do ourselves.

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