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  • Why an explosion-proof fume cupboard?

    As a rule, only small amounts of hazardous substances, such as flammable liquid, are used in a laboratory. However, the amount of the substance alone is not always decisive for the risk of explosion – it depends on the level of release.

    How does an explosion occur?

    Prerequisite for an explosion is the presence of 3 conditions:

    1. Combustible substance
    2. Oxygen
    3. Ignition source

    Combustible substances, e.g., flammable gases or dust, together with oxygen from the air, form an explosive atmosphere. The prerequisite for this is a certain ratio of combustible material and oxygen.

    All laboratory fume cupboards from Wesemann are as standard designed in such a way that, when working with conventional laboratory quantities, the forming of a potentially explosive atmosphere is reliably prevented by constant air exchange. However, when working with large quantities of solvent, for example, or in the case that the entire laboratory area is declared as a potentially explosive area, the protective objectives of a standard laboratory fume cupboard are no longer sufficient.

    Explosion-proof fume cupboards from Wesemann are designed in such a way that their construction effectively avoids sources of ignition and thus cannot ignite a potentially explosive atmosphere. By means of a consistently implemented conformity assessment process, we can ensure that our fume cupboards guarantee a high level of safety. All explosion-proof fume cupboards from Wesemann are certified according to Directive 2014/34/EU and meet the conditions for installation within an EX-Zone 1.

    However, the offer in the field of explosion protection goes beyond the provision of suitable laboratory fume cupboards. We assist our customers right from the planning phase and can provide support in suitable equipment and system selection. We supply many components of the DELTA 30 series in explosion-proof design for Zone 1. All large-scale components are electrically conductive or dissipative and connected to ground.

    How can safe installation be guaranteed?

    Logged measurements of the electrical surface resistance and the connection to on-site earthing-points ensure safe on-site installation. The selection of electrical equipment is based on the zoning.   We attach great importance to the perfect integration of the operating equipment into our system.

  • What are the fume cupboard types with PROTECT variant?

    Product information

    With the advanced DELTAguard PROTECT technology, fume cupboards require 33% less exhaust air for safe operation than conventional fume cupboards, thus enabling even more economical laboratory operation.  

    As a result, the investment in the PROTECT system pays for itself within a short time solely by the savings in energy costs (throughput of exhaust air) and the investment costs for a smaller dimension ventilation system. In the incoming air injection system, we rely on innovative DC motor technology. DC blowers consume significantly less electricity, operate very quietly and emit less heat than traditional AC blowers.

    The PROTECT fume cupboard system with active air injection increases the protection potential and is therefore one of the world’s safest and at the same time most economical laboratory fume cupboard. More energy efficiency – lower operating costs; sustainability that pays off.

    These fume cupboard types are available as PROTECT versions with active air injection systems:

    • Table fume cupboard
    • Fume cupboard for low ceilings
    • Low work level fume cupboard
    • DELTAcare fume cupboard

    Product advantages

    • The PROTECT version supplements the DELTA 30 laboratory fume cupboards with a system for maximum energy efficiency and user safety
    • The innovative, active air injection system induces and stabilizes the incoming air
    • Due to the reduced energy consumption, correspondingly low operating costs with unchanged high safety level
    • Active function monitoring of the air injection system
    • Worktop with adapted air duct profile over the entire width of the worktop
    • Both side pilasters with incoming air injection
  • What is the System DELTAcontrol?

    The System DELTAcontrol enables convenient control of all fume cupboards – whether in individual laboratory rooms or in entire buildings.  

    Product advantages

    • Suitable for all DELTA 30 fume cupboard types
    • Regulated exhaust air volume according to the free inflow area by vertical, horizontal or combined sash opening
    • Maintenance-free and self-cleaning measuring system with minimal pressure loss, optional Venturi measuring system
    • Energy saving and increased working safety without restricting the ease of use
    • Complete system solution from a single source – all exhaust air, incoming air, drive and control components are coordinated to achieve and optimized and energy-efficient room air balance
    • Graphic function display with optimal OLED display and ECO energy efficiency indicator
    • Safe microprocessor –based control, with simple integration into the building management system via BACnet, LON or Modbus technology or conventionally via analog signals
    • Fast and easy commissioning
    • Visualization of the system data via PC with web browser or tablet computer possible
    • Interference-free and proven displacement air inflow sensor for stable and fast set point setting
    • Emergency button Vmax to increase the exhaust air flow in the case of emergency, independent of the sash opening
    • Automatically closing sash to increase the protection function and energy optimization with motion detector for detecting the working area and initiating the closing process (UP/DOWN button integrated in control panel)
    • Light barrier to detect obstacles when closing the sash
    • Intuitive opening and closing of the sash by tapping
    • Optional: with foot switch
  • What does the electrical media supply include?

    In the electrical media supply, all electrical media is safely routed through the system duct to the location where it is required.

    Product range

    • Variable fittings, with sockets in many variants, e.g. contrasting colours for special and emergency power supplies.
    • Buttons and switches from our standard range and special elements in the standard local design.
    • Optional version as multi-chamber channel/duct
    • Splash protection
    • Installation of data networks (accessory mounting boxes)
    • Optional: Fuses and residual current circuit-breaker to protect freely-defined electrical circuits
    • Cover guide groove with protection against falling out when channel is open
  • What does the sanitary media supply include?

    The sanitary media supply is routed through the supply panels, which allow an almost limitless, individual arrangement of all sanitary fittings and elements.

    Product range

    • Variable arrangement of fittings over the entire length of the system at the point-of-use
    • Piping materials according to requirements
    • Fittings for water, natural and liquid gas, compressed air, technical gases to purity 4.5, ultra-pure gases up to purity 6.0 and vacuum made from various materials (brass, stainless steel, polypropylene, etc.)
    • Fittings including additional equipment, such as pressure regulator, fine adjustment valve, etc., can be supplied in many different extensions, depending on the system.
    • Supply lines from the ceiling or floor
    • Pre-installations with all safety checks and pressure tests
    • Concealed pipe routing

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