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References New “Gymnasium” (grammar school), Bochum

About the project

The new Bochum “gymnasium” (in English grammar school) resulted from the merger between the Albert Einstein and the “gymnasium am Ostring”.

The new 3 storey and 12m high building stretches over a surface of approx. 125 by 70 metres. The largest expansion faces east-west. The geometry of the floor plan is formed by joining 2 rings with a concentric changing radius. The interior of section A is transformed into a hall by a roof made of ETFE. The larger B-section has no roof, creating an open-air inner court.

Further information:

  • Budget: 3.1 Mio. Euro
  • Construction: January 2012
  • Completion: January 2013
  • Useable area: 1,500 m² 
  • New building, Science classrooms

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