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About the project

The new building of the National Centre for Tumour Diseases (NCT) offers employees as well as patients and families an open, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with the best possible care for the patients and ideal working conditions for those employed.

The laboratory areas of the oncological research area extend over three floors in the eastern part of the house and have a clear functional organization. An ordered visible installation in the ceiling area of the laboratories underlines this functionality. Parallel to the eastern façade is a documentation zone arranged in modules, each with six clerical workstations which, thanks to large-area glazed and sliding partition walls, allow a view of the laboratory area.  Behind this and staggered towards the interior of the building are the dry workplaces, followed by the wet workplaces and a dark zone with cooling and storage rooms. On the northern façade is the scullery on Level 01, and on the other levels S2 laboratories. On the southern façade are the rooms for cell cultures, as well as meeting/conference rooms, offices and lounge areas which, due to the visual contact, are optically integrated into the atrium through glazed doors. 

(Text extract from NCT brochure)

Further information

  • Planning start: 2007
  • Completion: 2010
  • Useable area: 5,564 m²

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