System DELTA 30 - Modular furnishing system Media systems – Tailor-made solutions for your workplace

The basis for the high flexibility of our media system is a grid dimension of 300 mm, which applies throughout, not only to all media systems, but also to all media ducts, substructure elements and cabinet systems.  

It is the basis of an individual spatial planning for the conception of laboratory landscapes that are characterized by a motivating working environment and which harmoniously combine work processes – with the aim of creating ideal research conditions. The effect of the very widely adaptable modular structure of our standard elements is innumerable possible variations for different requirements and tasks in the laboratory, resulting in the creation of an individual atmosphere and clarity through the combination of function, quality and design.

LABspine - Reduced layout of piping systems, diverse supply options

The LABspine (Spine = Rückgrat) is a media supply system that is mounted on the floor. It is an extremely robust yet elegant system of modular design. The main parts are the frame and the cassette system. The frame is a combination of square tubes and edgings made of steel. It forms the supporting base for the cassettes and panels. Above the worktop are two levels with cassettes and another level below. At a height of 680 – 980 mm is a fixed panel, in front of which a table can be placed.

The steel sheet cassette system carries the media, for example sockets, data boxes, circuit breakers or laboratory fittings. The space between is used for installation. The lower area is clad with retractable solid core panels. The connection to the floor is formed by a solid core plinth.

The upper end of the spine consists of an anodized aluminium profile with three functional grooves on the top and one on each working side. The functional grooves offer diverse possibilities to accommodate extensions, such as shelves, splash guard, stand rod holder or DELTAup.

Product advantages

  • Transparent, open and technically high-quality  appearance
  • Functionally designed elements
  • Solid construction
  • Simple and cost-effective conversion or upgrading of media through the cassettes in the LABspine
  • Very high capacity of different media possible


  • Splash protection wall, shelf attachment, supply column

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