System DELTA 30 - Modular furnishing system Media systems – Tailor-made solutions for your workplace

The basis for the high flexibility of our media system is a grid dimension of 300 mm, which applies throughout, not only to all media systems, but also to all media ducts, substructure elements and cabinet systems.  

It is the basis of an individual spatial planning for the conception of laboratory landscapes that are characterized by a motivating working environment and which harmoniously combine work processes – with the aim of creating ideal research conditions. The effect of the very widely adaptable modular structure of our standard elements is innumerable possible variations for different requirements and tasks in the laboratory, resulting in the creation of an individual atmosphere and clarity through the combination of function, quality and design.

Service supply, plumbing

The plumbing service supply is routed through the service panels, allowing a virtually unlimited individual arrangement of all fittings and elements.

Product range

  • Variable arrangement of fittings over the entire length of the system at the point-of-use
  • Piping material according to requirements
  • Fittings for water, natural and liquid gas, compressed air, technical gases up to purity 4.5, ultra-pure gases up to purity 6.0 and vacuum made from different materials (brass, stainless steel, polypropylene, etc.)
  • Fittings incl. additional equipment, such as pressure regulators, fine adjustment valve, etc. can be supplied in a variety of attachments
  • Supply lines from the ceiling or floor
  • Pre-installation with all safety checks and pressure tests
  • Concealed piping

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