System DELTA 30 - Modular furnishing system Media systems – Tailor-made solutions for your workplace

The basis for the high flexibility of our media system is a grid dimension of 300 mm, which applies throughout, not only to all media systems, but also to all media ducts, substructure elements and cabinet systems.  

It is the basis of an individual spatial planning for the conception of laboratory landscapes that are characterized by a motivating working environment and which harmoniously combine work processes – with the aim of creating ideal research conditions. The effect of the very widely adaptable modular structure of our standard elements is innumerable possible variations for different requirements and tasks in the laboratory, resulting in the creation of an individual atmosphere and clarity through the combination of function, quality and design.

Service energy duct – designed for free use

Ungehindert arbeiten – das ermöglicht der Medien-Energie-Kanal. Durch die freie Nutzung unter dem System empfiehlt er sich als optimaler Gerätearbeitsplatz.

Product advantages

  • Workplace based on DIN EN 13150
  • Free usage beneath the system
  • Can be used alone or as a service system for the entire room
  • Ideally suitable for the device workstation
  • High installation density possible
  • Centralized media supply
  • Media and/or electrical feed can be flexible
  • Media service outlets either downwards or forwards
  • Mounting height as required
  • Media installation ducts with ample room for horizontal installation feeds , as well as insulation and attachment of cables and piping;  completely clad - easy to maintain and clean
  • Wall or ceiling mounting possible
  • Can be used for double workstations
  • Easily expanded and upgraded, even at a later date
  • Combination with all series and types possible
  • Variant: Infinitely height-adjustable for optimum ergonomics at work

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