System DELTA 30 - Modular furnishing system Fume cupboard systems - experiment well in safety (for sure)

One of the most important pieces of safety equipment in laboratories is the fume cupboard.

In order to fulfill the protective function, and thus the maintenance of occupational safety, the exhaust air volume flow is a decisive criterion.  The retention of pollutants inside the fume cupboard and the resistance to external air currents that can interfere with the fume cupboard is highly dependent on the extraction volume. The further the sash is opened, the more the retention capacity of the fume cupboard is impaired.

Based on these considerations, DIN EN 14175 requires not only the static, but also the dynamic behaviour in the “robustness test” as proof. This simulates a disturbing movement in the room, in order to be able to evaluate the stability of the inflow and the retention potential of the fume cupboard. The DELTA 30 fume cupboards, with the extensive range of variants, meet the requirements of the DIN EN 14175 in in full with the best values. The exhaust system has optimized suction zones in the rear wall, which are easily disassembled for cleaning purposes, ensuring ideal air flow and ventilation. The interior of the fume cupboard is extensively usable. There are no disturbing built-in components. Optimal usage and maximum occupational safety – the evaluation factors for our fume cupboards.

DELTAguard Filter fume cupboard - filter chemicals safely

Product advantages

Cleans the air in the fume cupboard interior through the filter before it is released into the environment

  • 1 or 2-phase filters available
  • 2-phase filter from grid 1500 (asymmetric  arrangement)
  • Fume cupboard tested and certified in accordance with DIN EN 14175
  • Optimized contamination retention capacity with simultaneously low exhaust air flow rates
  • Worktop and interior surfaces according to requirements
  • Maximum usable interior space due to narrow sides
  • Worktop with preformed, flow-optimized front rim
  • Exhaust air system for a full-surface extraction above the worktop
  • Ergonomically designed sash handle bar for easy one-handed operation of the sliding window with twist-release mechanism
  • Maintenance-friendly due to large inspection panel and easy-to dismantle fittings
  • Module with splash protection
  • Electric panels on both sides of interior
  • High installation density possible, no overlapping of the media and stand levels
  • Standard battery-backed exhaust air monitoring unit
  • Function indicator integrated into the pilaster strip
  • Stand rod holder on the rear wall Optional: Substructure or hazardous materials cabinet
  • Optional: Sash with 3 / 4 cross slides
  • Optional: Internal sockets with external switching
  • Optional: Substructure with cabinet or hazardous substances cabinet
  • Optional: Drip cup
  • Extensive accessories and options, such as automatic sliding window drive
  • Variant: Total depth 1070 mm, usable depth worktop 880 mm instead of 720 mm

Note: Separate types of fume cupboards are available for high thermal loads with acid digestions and the handling of unsealed radioactive substances

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