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System LABOdacta - Science classrooms Fume cupboards

The “UNIDEMO” is a complete fume cupboard to demonstrate student experiments, which can be viewed by the students over the entire working surface. The teacher stands on the operating side, protected by the cross slides, and can carry out the experiments from there. The demonstration fume cupboard thus enables an effective structuring of the lesson. The mobile version can be used with all options at each docking station in different rooms.

Stationary or mobile - with certainty the perfect view

Product advantages

  • Complete fume cupboard in accordance with DIN EN 14175
  • Type tested according to DIN EN 14175 Part 3
  • Minimum exhaust air flow volume 350 m³/h
  • Minimum exhaust air volume 300 m³/h with air-injection system / Protect system

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