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About us Top-Quality demands excellent partners

Since 1963, it has been our maxim to deliver only first-class quality in all areas. This attitude has made us one of the leading laboratory furnishing experts. Of course, this includes the right partners, i.e. suppliers. Become successful with us!

  • Purchasing policy

    Success does not come from out of the blue

    Quality without “ifs and buts” – is one of the most important components of the Wesemann corporate concept. In this sense, we seek cooperation only with suppliers who maintain an identical quality philosophy. We strive for a reliable, performance-oriented and long-term relationship.

    What are the conditions to be a Wesemann supplier? On the one hand we expect a flexible and punctual delivery, on the other hand permanent innovations and support in the development of technical solutions.

  • Range of requirements

    Wanted: Quality with Know-how

    The strength of Wesemann GmbH lies in the conception, manufacture and sale of laboratory furnishing systems. In this sense, we need a variety of ready-made elements, materials and systems.


    Here is our range of requirements in detail:


    • Laboratory fittings
    • Pure gas fittings
    • Solenoid valves / Gas failure devices
    • Ultrapure water systems



    • Profiles according to drawing
    • Injection moulded parts
    • Deep-drawn parts- PP
    • Panel material
    • PP worktops according to drawing
    • Turned parts according to drawing
    • Plugs / Adjustable gliders
    • Pipes/Fittings - PE/PVC-U/PP
    • Epoxy resin boards


    Electrical articles

    • Sockets/outlets
    • Installation media
    • Cables/Wires
    • Fans
    • Refrigerators and freezers
    • Hot water appliances
    • Lamps / Lights



    • Chairs
    • Lecture room seating
    • Boards/panels for the natural science area
    • Shelves
    • Operating equipment



    • Safety cabinets
    • Safety workbenches
    • Clean-room technology
    • Filter technology
    • Fire protection articles
    • Working clothes


    Flat glass

    • LSG glass panes
    • Perspex



    • Compact laminated panels
    • Laminated panels with melamine resin paper
    • As before, however cut with edge banding

    Steel tubing

    • Steel piping according to DIN 2395/A


    Metal parts

    • Stamped parts
    • Bent parts
    • Bent wire parts
    • Turned parts - steel
    • Turned parts – non-ferrous metals


    NE metals

    • Aluminium-extruded sections
    • Non-ferrous metals
    • Lead
    • Copper pipes - SANCO + fittings copper/brass
    • Stainless-steel pipes + fittings
    • Brass – turned parts


    Fitting and connection technology

    • Furniture fittings
    • Steel and stainless steel screws according to DIN
    • Discs and screws – custom made
    • Dowels
    • Blind rivets


    Surface finishing

    • Coating powder



    • Ceramic worktops
    • Large-scale ceramic and tiles on  carrier material



    • Die-cast aluminium/zinc
    • Die-casting


    Assembly and Transport services

    • Furniture assembly
    • Furniture transport
    • Plumbing and electrical installations
    • Ventilation systems


    Contract work/Wage labour

    • Edge banding
    • Cutting and processing of compact laminate panels
    • Cable assembly

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